Monday, October 6, 2014

Katy Perry "Prismatic World Tour" Dallas Concert Review

Katy Perry Prismatic DallasKaty Perry made her American Airlines Center debut in Dallas this past Thursday (October 2, 2014) with her "Prismatic World Tour" - Katy brought her previous "California Dreams Tour" to Dallas in 2011 at the much smaller Verizon Theatre, but she has obviously become an even bigger star since...big enough to sell out the American Airlines Center on not just one but TWO consecutive nights.

On her previous tour, Katy Perry put on a stellar show that didn't allow anyone in the audience to get bored for a second; from the non-stop visuals and constant costume changes to making sure to get every one of her hits in and the fact that she really is a great singer....we had a feeling going in that Katy would bring all that and then some for her Prismatic tour stop, and we were not disappointed.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lady Gaga "artRAVE: The Artpop Ball" Dallas Concert Review

Lady Gaga artRave Dallas Lady Gaga returned to Dallas this past Thursday (July 17th) with her latest tour offering, a carnival of craziness known as "artRAVE."  After attending Gaga's "Monster Ball" in 2011, then her "Born This Way Ball" in 2013 (a tour that was ultimately cut short due to Gaga suffering a broken hip,) I can honestly say that artRAVE was definitely a different show than past Gaga tours and definitely had it's own identity.

Supporting Gaga's latest album "ArtPop," the artRave was pretty much what the name implies: one big crazy rave.  Along with the usual crazy outfits that are the norm for Gaga fans, there were plenty of glow sticks and raver gear to go around along with a steady stream of confetti from start to finish.  Gaga's opening act "Crayon Pop" was interesting to say the least; an all-girl Japanese group that was high energy and fit right in with the Gaga vibe.  Also Gaga's long time partner in crime Lady Starlight provided a DJ set that was perfect for the rave theme and the vibe that the arena was just one big club.  All the buildup lead to Gaga finally appearing just after 9:30 as the crowd was just beginning to get anxious over the wait.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pink "The Truth About Love Tour" Dallas Concert Review

Pink DallasPink's "The Truth About Love Tour" arrived in Dallas for the second time this year on November 16 which saw her pack the American Airlines Center once again - and for good reason.  I think it's always a sign that there is something special to see when an artist can successfully come back to the same town with the same tour, and special is exactly what Pink delivers. Part concert, part Cirque du Soleil performance, Pink without a shadow of a doubt delivers one of the most unique shows ever.

The show was opened by Australia's "The Kin" who were the sole opening act and really handled the duties well.  The two brothers along with their drummer (who they claimed they found in a New York subway) who did not use drum sticks but rather his hands for the entire performance.  The Kin were selected by Pink herself and definitely have a shot at becoming a popular act here in the U.S.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rihanna "Diamonds World Tour" Dallas Concert Review

Rihanna has had quite an interesting relationship with the city of Dallas over the years;  from a cancelled show about 4 years ago, the infamous stage fire in 2011 that caused her Loud Tour show to be cut short, to just a few months back when she postponed her Diamonds World Tour stop due to illness. Rihanna finally rolled into Dallas to make up for her missed April appearance and owned the American Airlines Center to make sure all is forgiven.

Since the show was rescheduled for a Monday, one might think the attendance may be a bit down but that was not the case.  The arena was packed with Rihanna fans anxious to finally see Rihanna and get a full show.  The show opened with "GTA" doing a DJ set to pump the crowd up.  Next up was 2 Chainz who was popular with the Dallas crowd as they lit up for many of his well known songs and seemed to be a good choice to open for Rihanna.  It was during the 2 Chainz performance that we really noticed the variety in demographic that came out for the show.  Teenagers on up were there to have a good time and a few people might have been having TOO good of a time if you know what I mean, and if you don't all you had to do was take a good smell of the arena and you would know of the good time being had.